Frequently asked questions

Is there a wireless microphone available for us to use?

Yes, our package we offer includes two wireless microphones and a corded, backup microphone.

Do you have a go-to list of wedding songs you play or perform for weddings?

No, we do not! Every event is truly unique and having a go-to list, can set the DJ up for failure. The true purpose of a DJ is to read the crowd, manage request and play the right songs at the right time.

Can we come see the DJ at an event prior to booking?

Due to the respect and privacy of our clients and do not allow this. Our DJ's do DJ at public events occassionally and you are more than welcome to come out to these public events. Please ask our staff when/where these events are if you are interested. Upcoming events are listed here

Do we have backup equipment?

Yes, we have multiple redundencies built into each of our shows already but also bring backup equipment. In the highly unlikely event something goes wrong, we often times have a completly seamless and you will never know something happened.

How long is your package for?

Our packages are provided solely on time requested. Our package is based on how long the event actually is. A typical wedding ranges between 6-8 hours of total service time.

Do we take requests?

This is completly up to you!

How much does your package cost?

Our typical wedding package ranges between $650-$950. The package includes the following: -Set up and tear down -Professional EV audio system with subwoofers -Full dance floor lighting -2 wireless microphones. -Time specific to your event. Average wedding ranges between 6-8 hours. -Travel within 30 miles of the Mall of America -Backup equipment -Customized planning portal

How many events do you do per year?

On an average year, we will do 40-45 events per DJ per year. We will only book 1 event per DJ per weekend. We do this to ensure the DJ has only one focus that weekend which is your event. We don't like the idea where the DJ is out at a wedding until midnight and getting home at 3 am to turn around the next morning and go do your wedding. You are the only focus of the DJ that weekend!