Our Simple DJ package
8 hours of DJ service for $1500

 If you haven't noticed yet, other DJ companies advertise their packages as "Starting at $xxx".  You need to contact them to find out your final price and almost always the price is higher.  The pricing changes for a variety of reasons, time of year, number of people, add-on fee's, travel charges, and more.

Pinnacle Sounds is different, we analyzed our past events and created our Simple DJ package at an amazing price of $1500 for 8 hours.  

What makes our Simple DJ package amazing?  We are going to do what's right for you and the venue.

Social hour in another room?  No problem we will add audio out there.  

Large venue?  No problem, we will run additional speakers in other parts of the room for equal sound in the room

Our Simple DJ Package
(Starting at $1500 for 8 hours)
  • Price scales based on hours

  • Audio Equipment for up to 1,000 people

  • 9 Uplights

  • Online event planner

  • 50 miles travel from Mall Of America

  • 8 hours of service - can be used for Ceremony, Social Hour or Dancing!

  • Dance floor lighting, up to 18 different lights.

  • 2 Wireless microphones(including a lapel mic)

  • As many meetings/phone calls with your DJ as needed/requested

  • Backup equipment on site with your DJ, not at a warehouse